November 22, 2018

How do you throw an axe?


Axe Throwing is a lot easier than you might think. Simply put, axe throwing comes down to 2 components. Straight and Foot Placement – that’s it! We’re not kidding!

Keep the axe straight.  The axe has to leave your hand(s) straight. Any twist or turn on the axe when it leaves your grip will just be exaggerated as the axe rotates towards the target. It may stick in weird and crazy ways, depending on the surface you’re throwing at – but for a good stick, it needs to fly straight.

Foot placement, and in particular your front foot. When the axe leaves your hand (however you decide to throw it), if you’re in the right position for the toe to stick, you’ll stick it, every time. (ok, almost every time. sh!t happens).

So, what’s the trick? Consistency and practice until you find your sweet spot. At the Agawam Axe House we’ve seen it all. It all. Some people have a nice long lob, while others have a quick and short throw. Some guests have a round-house type of throw, and others… well, we simply couldn’t describe it. What matters though, is that they’re throwing straight and their foot placement is perfect.

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