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October 8, 2018

How often do you change the target wood?

This is a question we get asked constantly at the Axe House – and well, we don’t mind it. It usually reminds us that we may need to check the status of some of our pits. The answer is complicated, but in short – every 2-3 groups. A large group of 12 for an hour session will typically destroy our middle board – but, that’s if they’re good! With everyone aiming for the bullseye, it’s no wonder the center piece gets pretty destroyed in such a short amount of time.

There is a science to the whole thing, though. Brand new target wood, #freshwood, that is – isn’t as easy to stick. The beat up, ‘weathered’ targets are much easier to stick for our guests. This means that not only do we change the pieces out, we also give them a little #agawamaxe beating to get them started. What can we say, we love that part of our job! Target changing takes about 3-8 minutes per piece and our destroyed target pieces make it to our #freewood pile in our front lobby.

Yes, we #repurpose those pieces, or more specifically, our customers repurpose those pieces for firewood, and in some cases projects and art. We love seeing these broken up pieces go out the door to a new home (quiet possibly for a short period of time), but we know that we have such little waste at the Axe House. Even our used score sheets go home with us for firestarters in the cooler weather.

I am from Australia, and I grew up very conscience of the environment, very similar to a way that I see lot of younger Americans embracing today. So, as the owner I love that I am not creating waste with my small business.

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