• Agawam Axe House Leagues run for a total of 8 weeks. Every week each league member will compete in 4 Matches.
  • 1 Match is a 10-throw game against another opponent.
  • Each Week your scores are published on our Agawam Axe House standing page.
  • Week 8 is the Playoffs during which all players will compete in a double-elimination tournament to determine the winner.
  • Between Week 7 and Week 8 players may vote on their League MVP.


  • Each player must throw from a minimum of 12′ from the Target.
  • Before a player’s first game, players are allowed 5 practice throws. Subsequent games allow a single practice throw.
  • The Match begins with players tapping their axe heads together (like shaking hands)
  • Players must wait for confirmation that they can throw
  • Players must throw within 5 seconds of their opponent. Either player may throw first.
  • The 5th & 10th throw:
    • Players may throw for the Ace. Neither player is required to throw for Ace
    • The Match Official will ask each player if they wish to throw for the Ace and players must give a verbal response.
    • If a player throws for Ace they must hit the Ace (total 10 points), or score a 0 for that throw.
  • After the 5th throw, players will swap lanes, and once again tap axe heads.
  • Players cannot leave the Pit during a Match. Any backup Axes must be brought into the Pit prior to the match.


  • An official must call the throw score before any player may cross the 12′ line, or the throw score is 0.
  • The center orange circle is the Bullseye and is worth 6 points. A correct bullseye must visibly show orange on both sides of the blade.
  • The black circles on the top right and left are called Aces. Aces are worth 10 points. They are only active during throw 5 and 10, and must be “called” and confirmed by the official.
  • When a blade completely crosses on a line, the higher point value is given to the player.
  • Players may ask for a second opinion.


  • Each player must provide their own axe(es) for League. In 2021 the 1 3/4 Collins AXE, and axes with overly wide axe heads are not allowed at the Agawam Axe House, including League.
  • Axes must be a minimum of 12″ long
  • The Axe blade cannot be longer than 4″
  • The total weight of the Axe must not exceed 3lbs
  • No point/spike/blade on the opposite end of the blade

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Players may use multiple axes during their match. The following are the guidelines:

  • The player may not leave the Pit to obtain additional axes once the game has commenced.
  • Players do not get an additional practice throw when they change axes, except in the case of a broken axe.
  • When an axe is deemed broken by the Official, the player will have 1 minute to find a replacement.