We believe that having fun and being with family and friends is a healthy and important part of life.  Furthermore, we also believe that an experience with close friends while engaging in an active sport is good for your mental status and inner well-being.

The Agawam Axe House was created to bring people together, while introducing an entirely unique sport to New England.  Axe throwing is a safe sport enjoyed worldwide and even closer to home, throughout Canada and the United States, but has not yet come to New England….not until now!

We believe that everyone has that primal urge for throwing things, looking to do something new, exciting, and challenging.  Whether you are looking to try a new sport in 2018, want to create a greater sense of focus, blow off some steam after a long day of work, want to hang out with some good friends, are looking  to meet new people, or simply want to have a great time, we want you at the Axe House.

Our objective is for you to have a great experience and we will not stop until you do.  At first, it may take a little practice to stick the axe, however once you get the hang of it, you will be satisfied with every wood-splitting stick

The Agawam Axe House is all about our guests and their desire to have a great time.

Combined with the lowest zip code in the United States, Agawam, Massachusetts now has the first Axe House in New England.  Be part of the First and Original!

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Throwing axes at the Axe House is about getting together with friends and experience something completely different. The power you feel when you sink your first axe, to your first bullseye, you’ll be hooked right away.

We offer private events for you and your friends/colleagues to get a customized (potentially private) axe throwing experience. With individual coaching and target practice, followed by some fun and thrilling matches in a tournament with your friends to see who wins bragging rights as the champion axe thrower.

We have league nights at the Axe House, where you’ll compete against 29 other competitors in-house. Join a bunch of like-minded, axe enthusiasts at our Leagues. For more info, check out our Leagues page.

– Lets’ get to the Axe House –

The minimum age for Axe Throwing at the Agawam Axe House is 18. Yes, our Policy has changed since we originally opened. We wanted to show consideration for those who have fears about minors in that atmosphere. While we would have loved to allow minors, it’s just not the right move, right now. We apologize to anyone who planned on bringing their minor(s). For those who were lucky enough to throw, well, you’ll be immortalized as the only minors allowed at the Agawam Axe House.

We have a minimum 2 guest per lane policy. If you don’t have a buddy, you can come along and just pay the $50 for the lane rental. Our lanes are never shared (except on private event nights).

All throwing takes place under direct supervision of our experienced coaches, and we have dozens of protective measures in place, such as chain link fencing and a separated spectator area for guests who aren’t throwing.

Axes/Hatches thrown at the Axe House must pass our safety tests & not cause too much damage to our targets. Our coaches may have to throw your axe/hatchet in order to determine if it is safe for our facility. We do not allow axes which cause too much damage to our targets. Guests who bring their own axes must understand that Agawam Axe House is not responsible for any damage to personal property.

Our only restriction on clothing is that closed-toe shoes are required; otherwise you’re welcome to wear whatever you’d like.  We recommend avoiding high heels, and wear something comfortable and loose enough to allow for a full range of movement.

During COVID restrictions you’re welcome to bring your own outside beverages; absolutely no outside food or alcohol allowed on premises.

During COVID restrictions, we do not have any outside catering allowed.

We do not allow outside food during COVID. We do not have anywhere to sit and remove masks to comply with State guidelines. We do have soda and water available for purchase.

Most definitely – it’s our favorite part of this experience! You will be greeted by an instructor who’ll be there for you as much as you need. You’ll start your adventure learning the basic techniques and safety rules with axe throwing. With our Axe instructors teaching you, your practice and by following our guided procedures, you will be able to safely throw an axe early in your session.

Coming in for a booked event or walk-in session? We’ve got you covered. From small and stealthy to the biggest (and safest) we could find – we’ve got axes!

Please see our footer for our current hours.

In order to book a lane, party of event, you must make a 50% deposit. You may add people (6 guests maximum per lane / 12 per pit). If you have to reschedule your booking we will allow you to change your time slot to a later date so long as you inform us at least 2 days before your confirmed time slot.

ALL bookings are subject to a $2 refund fee.

Yes. But everyone in our facility must sign a waiver before entering.

Yes, bragging rights as an Axe House Expert!

There is a minimum charge of 2 people per lane. However, you can pay for the minimum and come in as just one person for the time slot to play. We can host up to 12 people in 1 Axe Pit, and 6 Throwers per Target. Each Pit contains 2 Targets.

We have no medical advice with regards to pregnancy. We allow pregnant people to throw at our facility. For medical advice please ask your Doctor.