You’ve got an upcoming reservation at the Agawam Axe House.
There are some important things for you to know!


Everyone must sign the waiver, including spectators.

If you have signed within 6 months you do not need to sign again. The waiver is digital. We don’t accept paper waivers. If you do not complete the waiver, you’ll have to do it upon arrival with your own device


Everyone must be over 18. You must be over 21 (w/valid ID) to consume alcohol


Closed-toe shoes required.

If you forget we do have FREE rental shoes, however, socks are required and we have those for $1


Absolutely no outside drinks. No exceptions.

No coffees, insulated mugs, sealed bottles. No outside drinks allowed


You can bring in food!

Grab your sushi, pizza, grinders or whatever you like! check out some local eats


Be on time – or a few minutes early. You cannot start without everyone in your group present.

If you’re late, you’ll lose your time.