The Agawam Axe House brings you Agawam SMASH house - Agawam's first and only smash room/rage room. Agawam SMASH has 2 rooms to book - Demon's Den and The Asylum.

Then cool down in our bar with additional games including Darts, Cornhole, Foosball and more!

Just like the Agawam Axe House, the Smash House is 18+. All guests must wear protection (supplied) and closed-toe shoes, no exceptions. All guests must complete the waiver.

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The Asylum (up to 3 guests) is our transformed former insane asylum, now refitted and re imagined for the ultimate smashing experience. Step into the confines of our Insane Asylum-themed room, where the chaos of the psych ward beckons you to unleash your inner fury. This unique room is designed to accommodate up to three guests, providing a thrilling and immersive environment for your smashing adventure.

We offer four distinctive packages to suit your needs, each with optional add-ons to enhance your experience. Whether you're seeking a quick stress release or an extended rampage, we have the perfect package for you.

Book your session now and embrace the madness within!


Demon's Den (for up to 6 guests) is our haunted house-themed rage room, now overtaken by a malevolent demon, providing the ultimate spine-chilling smashing experience. Enter the foreboding lair where darkness reigns and the atmosphere is thick with dread. This terrifying environment is designed to accommodate groups of up to six, making it perfect for friends, family, or colleagues seeking an unforgettable and thrilling adventure.

We offer four uniquely terrifying packages, each crafted to deliver a heart-pounding experience. Customize your session with our range of add-ons to intensify the chaos and make your experience even more exhilarating.

Book your session now and confront the demon within the Den!

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Due to the inherent risk of  Smash/Rage Rooms - All safety rules must be followed at all times your Smash host has the authority to dismiss any/all participants, who, willingly or unknowingly, break any rules, for the safety of our guests, employees, and the future of our business. This is a single-strike policy, guests who violate these rules may be asked to not return.

  • Smash Rooms is monitored and recorded at all times
  • You are required to wear pants and closed-toe shoes.
  • All provided safety must be worn at all times
  • No entry will be allowed while intoxicated
  • Any damage to the smash room itself, walls, ceiling, door, shelving, etc through negligence or by choice, will be paid for by the smasher (does not include damage done by smashables breaking or ricocheting we understand accidents happen.)
  • Waiver required for all participants
  • No expectant mothers


What is your refund policy?

Currently, we do not allow for refunds on Smash House bookings. Once you schedule an appointment, we secure items for your experience and plan our resources accordingly. We do allow you to reschedule your appointment for a later date! If have any questions about this policy please contact us and we will happy to answer them for you.

Do you take donations to smash?


Always welcome: dishes, glassware, glass bottles, small wooden furniture (chairs, end tables), small electronics (printers, game consoles), and Flat-screen TVs.

Please see our Smashables page

Axe Throwing is 18, is Smash also 18+?

Yes, The Agawam Axe House is an 18+ facility.

Can I bring my own smashables?

Yes. There is a $10 fee for bringing your own items to smash. They must meet our donation criteria (our Smashables page), and they must be approved by your smash host.

If I bring my own smashables, why do I have to pay you?

We charge a disposal fee. While you'll enjoy destroying your own items, we will be disposing of them responsibly.

Where is Agawam Smash House located?

The Agawam Axe House and the Agawam Smash House are both located at 396 Main St. in Agawam, MA. All guests check-in at the Agawam Axe lobby and then are directed to their designated room.

Can I bring in my phone for photos/videos?

Yes, you can. We are not responsible for any personal items you bring into our Smash rooms.

I wear glasses, is that enough?

No, but we do have over-glasses protection for you to wear.

Is there somewhere I can keep my personal items safe?

We have in-room containers for you to store items you want to keep free from your smash debris.

What are the smashables?

Smashables include, but are not limited to glass bottles, ceramic decorations, and small electronics.