Agawam Axe House is hosting their first IATF Premier Speed League. 4 weeks of Axe Throwing with IATF Premier Rules. A step above standard rules. A new category of statistics. A Faster-paced game.

4 Weeks of 8 matches/week & a double-elimination playoff. Only $90/person.

This sport welcomes all, from beginners to the pros, and Axe Throwing is an individual sport, so be prepared to make a whole new group of friends.

What is a Premier-Rules League?

Premier League Rules are the same as the standard league rules with the following exceptions:


  • Rather than Majority rules scoring, in Premier league rules, each throw receives the point value for the lowest point area it is touching.
    • For example, that means that a player may only receive a bullseye if the axe 100% in a given point value and not crossing into another point area.
    • If any of the axe blade (as measured on the surface of the target) crosses into a lower point area, the throw receives that lower point value. This logic follows for any throws crossing into more than one point area.
    • As per standard league rules, the paint ring counts as part of the higher point value.


  • While standard clutch rules apply regarding how and when a clutch may be called within a match, in Premier Rules either an axe must be 100% in the Clutch circle (as per standard Premier scoring) OR have at least 1.75” of the blade of a thrower’s axe stuck ‘inside’ the Clutch circle (measured against the face boards of a target) for that throw to count for points.
    • It is only necessary to measure the side of the axe face sunk closest to the center of the Clutch (as this will be geometrically longer) because this is not a cumulative measurement as employed in majority rules but rather a simple minimum check.


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