Bullseye/Center Ring 5 points;

Red/Middle Ring 3 points;

Blue/Outer Ring 1 point;

The green circles in each corner, or Clutch(TM*) is worth 7 points.


  • Players must declare that they are going to throw for Clutch before attempting, also referred to as ‘Calling Clutch’ or to ‘Call Clutch’;
  • Players can only throw for Clutch on the 5th and final throw of the round;
  • An accidental Clutch is not valid, even on a 5th throw. No Clutch Call means no points;
  • Once Clutch is called, only that point area is valid and all other point areas are worth zero:
  • Meaning that if a player calls for Clutch but hits a bullseye, they receive no points.

All scoring is based on where the majority of the blade lands and stays in the target;
The area to be counted on an axe sunk into a target is the area that is breaking the surface of the target:

  • Any part of the blade that is not making contact with the wooden target does not count;
  • The amount of blade buried deep into the target passed the surface is also not relevant;
  • If they cannot agree, players must call for a third party measurement from the device;
  • The clutch is an exception to the majority rule:
    When throwing for Clutch, as long as any of the axe blade is breaking the green Clutch paint, the throw is good:
  • Green paint refers to the originally drawn circle that represents the Clutch point and not any paint drips or deviations from that circle;
  • call for referee if there is a debate, similar to a device* call.


If the axe strikes the target, sticks, and then falls out of the target, it is worth zero points, even if it sticks in for a moment:

  • This includes any axe that falls out at any time before the thrower has approached the target and pulled their axe from it;
  • This also includes any axe waiting to be measured by the device*.
  • If a player rushes to the target to prevent a fallen axe, they must
    Never do so before their opponent has thrown their axe that round.
  • Still obey the ‘pause’ rule, preventing a foot fault.
  • Always do so using caution to prevent injury.