The Asylum (up to 3 guests) is our transformed former insane asylum, now refitted and re imagined for the ultimate smashing experience. Step into the confines of our Insane Asylum-themed room, where the chaos of the psych ward beckons you to unleash your inner fury. This unique room is designed to accommodate up to three guests, providing a thrilling and immersive environment for your smashing adventure.

We offer four distinctive packages to suit your needs, each with optional add-ons to enhance your experience. Whether you're seeking a quick stress release or an extended rampage, we have the perfect package for you.

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Demon's Den (for up to 6 guests) is our haunted house-themed rage room, now overtaken by a malevolent demon, providing the ultimate spine-chilling smashing experience. Enter the foreboding lair where darkness reigns and the atmosphere is thick with dread. This terrifying environment is designed to accommodate groups of up to six, making it perfect for friends, family, or colleagues seeking an unforgettable and thrilling adventure.

We offer four uniquely terrifying packages, each crafted to deliver a heart-pounding experience. Customize your session with our range of add-ons to intensify the chaos and make your experience even more exhilarating.

Book your session now and confront the demon within the Den!

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